Norton Internet Security 2010 1-User/3PC

Norton Internet Security 2010 1-User/3PCNorton Internet Security 2010 delivers fast and light comprehensive online threat protection. It guards your PC, network, online activities and your identity with innovative, intelligent detection technologies optimized to combat today’s aggressive, rapid-fire attacks. Improved Norton Safe Web technology blocks Internet threats before they can infect your PC. So you can browse, buy and bank online with confidence. It even warns you of unsafe web sites right in your search results. Plus, unlike other Internet security suites, it provides easy-to-understand threat and performance information to help you avoid future threats and keep your PC running fast.

Norton Internet Security 2010 Key Benefits

  • Stops online identity theft, viruses, spyware, bots, Trojans and more–Guards your PC, online activities and your identity with comprehensive award-winning protection against all types of Internet threats.
  • Stops attacks before they get on your PC–Blocks hackers from accessing your PC and prevents dangerous software that could harm your computer or steal your identity from automatically downloading onto your PC when you surf the web.
  • Delivers clear performance and threat explanations–Tells you how files and applications affect PC performance, what actions threats have taken, and where they came from to help you avoid future attacks.
  • Identifies unsafe web sites right in your search results–Provides safety ratings for web sites listed in your search results so you can avoid visiting sites that are likely to cause problems.
  • Uses intelligence-driven technology for faster, fewer, shorter scans–Identifies and scans only files at risk to detect and eliminate dangerous software.

Norton Internet Security 2010 Features