Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet with Android (Black)

Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet with Android (Black)ARCHOS’ new ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet bridges the gap between the smartphone and the desktop PC, providing constant access to the web, customization through Android Apps, and delivery of multimedia content–all in a seven-inch widescreen format.

Access the information you need, such as news, weather, or local business info. Enjoy your favorite movie clips or watch some YouTube videos for a quick entertainment fix. Or just kick back and listen to some music. With built-in Wi-Fi, quick and easy file transfer, and up to 7 hours video/44 hours music on a single charge, this affordable tablet will keep you entertained–and connected–all day long. Bridging the gap between the smartphone and the desktop PC. Click to enlarge. Enjoy your favorite flicks on a brilliant seven-inch widescreen. Share your photos with family and friends. With an ultra-portable design, it’s not just a home tablet.

Multimedia Master

With its wide, high-resolution screen (800 x 480), the ARCHOS 7 home tablet is the perfect device for enjoying and sharing your multimedia content. 8 gigabytes of on-board flash memory gives you room for up to 7 full-length movies, 80,000 photos, or 4,000 songs, and the micro SDHC slot lets you swap in memory cards with even more content. The Lithium Polymer battery provides up to 7 hours of video or 42 hours of audio on a single charge.

Videos, Photos and Music

Whether you want to watch videos, share photos, or listen to your favorite music, the device supports an impressive number of file formats.

You have the ability to watch videos in the most popular formats, even in HD (720p). H.264, MPEG-4, and Realvideo codecs are supported, with AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, and FLV file formats. You can also share your favorite videos with your friends on your TV screen using the composite video output (cable sold separately).

Upload your pictures directly to the device through the USB connection or the micro SDHC slot. You can view and share all of your pictures on the brilliant 7-inch screen or play them to your television, as with movies. Combine your favorite photos with your favorite songs and play a slideshow for your friends and family. JPEG, BMP, and GIF images supported.

The ARCHOS 7 home tablet also allows you to store your favorite songs and create your playlists, with up to 40 hours of music. And unlike a lot of the players out there, it lets you enjoy all kinds of different formats, with support for MP3, WMA (non-protected), WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC, and AAC files.

Android Applications

Enjoy a selection of pre-installed applications ready for use straight out of the box. Also, since the ARCHOS 7 is an Android-based system, you can customize your home tablet by downloading your favorite applications. Choose from thousands available in the Android Market. You can also access a large variety of free and purchasable applications directly from the AppsLib store. These apps are sorted by genre, ratings and date to help you find the one you want.

Constant Companion

The ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet is the epitome of the everyday device, with features to suit your whole family’s daily needs.

Fast & Easy Access to the Latest News

Use the web browser or the many applications available on the AppsLib store to keep you informed of the latest news. Access your favorite newspapers, sports or financial information directly from the home tablet.

Save Time by Consulting Instant Information Services

The ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet offers easy access to information services, such as weather and local business directories. You can also configure different services to appear as live widgets on the home screen, for an always-on view of the information that matters most.

Who Needs a PC?

Use the USB host connection to connect a mouse, keyboard, or external mass storage device so you can surf the web or access your office documents easily and quickly. With the home tablet you won’t even need to fire up the home PC.

And with its slim form factor–just 12 mm thick and weighing in at 350 g (0.8 Ibs)–the ARCHOS 7 home tablet is extremely portable.

Stay Connected

The ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet keeps you up to date on all your web destinations, emails, and social networking sites.

Fast & Convenient Web Surfing

With an 800 pixel wide resolution and a seven-inch screen, you can comfortably surf the web. No need to zoom in and out, since the web pages are fully displayed on the ARCHOS screen. In addition, the Wifi connection (802.11 b/g) gives you the ability to enjoy the Internet in every room of your home (or head down to the coffee shop).

Social Networking & Chat Applications

Thanks to the social networking and chat applications, this new tablet lets you stay in touch with your family and friends all day long. With its comfortable virtual keyboard, it’s a breeze to write messages on the ARCHOS 7 home tablet.

Email Application

Once connected to a Wifi network, the ARCHOS 7 home tablet lets you manage your emails whenever you want. You can configure a variety of email accounts, giving each member of the family quick and easy access to their own messages.

What’s in the Box

ARCHOS 7 home tablet, standard USB cable (micro B/A), power adapter, user guide, legal and safety notice.

Product Description

ARCHOS now introduces a new large-screen Android-based tablet, the ARCHOS 7 home tablet. This new product is specially designed to enhance the digital lifestyle in the home. The ARCHOS 7 home tablet bridges the gap between the smartphone and the desktop PC to provide constant access to the web, customization through Android Apps, and multimedia content – all in a large-screen format. This new device testifies to ARCHOS’ strategy of offering innovative electronic products with extremely competitive pricing.

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