iPhone commercials feature FaceTime and AirPlay

iPhone commercials feature FaceTime and AirPlay


Apple has aired two new iPhone commercials. The first features the capabilities of FaceTime on the iPhone. It shows users video chatting via FaceTime iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to MacBook Air, and iPhone to iPad.

The second iPhone commercial showcases the iPhone’s AirPlay features. The commercial shows a user streaming music from an iPhone to their stereo, and pictures and video to their TV. The ads are part of Apple’s “If you don’t have an iPhone” series. Both commercials can be view below and are also available on Apple’s YouTube channel.




Live streaming to your HDTV. From your iPhone.

Programming brought to you by iPhone.

All the great media on your iPhone — your music, photos, and video — can now stream wirelessly to your HDTV and speakers via the new Apple TV.* That’s perfect when you want to blast some tunes, have a movie night, show off some photos, or share a laugh over the latest viral video sensation on the web. Just make sure your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV, and the AirPlay icon automatically appears. Then, if you’re in the middle of an epic action scene that could use a little more screen, just tap and it appears on your TV in a matter of seconds

Give your photos and video their big-screen debut

When it comes to sharing photos and video, AirPlay lets you go big. Widescreen TV big. After a day of capturing the sights around town with your iPhone, just open the Photos app and tap the AirPlay icon to share your adventures on your widescreen TV via Apple TV.

DJ wirelessly with AirPort Express

Conduct a symphony, chill with a jazz ensemble, or put on a rock concert — anywhere in the house. AirPlay lets you stream music wirelessly right from your iPhone. Just connect any speaker you own to an AirPort Express. Or stream directly to AirPlay-enabled speakers from manufacturers like Denon, Marantz, B&W, JBL, and iHome. Your iPhone automatically detects your speakers, so all you have to do is tap the one you want to hear. Since it all happens wirelessly, you have the freedom to cue the tunes from wherever you happen to be sitting, standing, or dancing.