Exactly Why My BlackBerry Curve 8300 Had Been Awesome In My Trip To Cebu Philippines.

I just like to take a trip any time my time and money enables it. A fantastic read with our latest visit to the Philippines got me just about all worked up and wishing to obtain photographs when we visited Cebu City, one of the leading urban centers within the Philippines. A lot of the Philippines’ colorful history started out in Cebu.

All of us went and shot some images of the Magellan cross that was supposedly the very first cross which had been put into the island when Magellan found out the Philippines in 1521. When i zealously took out my blackberry curve to take some snap shots of the unfamiliar meals that I saw in the streets of Colon, a very busy part of the city which happens to be similar to their local version of Times Square in NY without having the cursing taxi drivers. I realised there have been weird street food items all over and I was seriously tempted to try to eat a variety of them however my far better wisdom informed me other wise.

So I simply resolved to take some pictures of what they call Balut which is a duck egg with a half developed chick inside it. I found myself regretting to glance at my FIlipino guide on the way he eats it given that I practically regurgitated most of the food I ate from breakfast time. While I enjoyably took photos of the street banquet, one of our Pinoy guides recommended me to be watchful not to show off with my BlackBerry simply because there is a possibility I may well be mugged or robbed and advice is well taken. I know of a few folks being robbed and their laptop computers and smart phones grabbed away from them even though they have taken safety measures currently. I do have insurance for blackberry in which I made a decision to take when I bought my BB Curve last 12 months and one way or another, blackberry loanload couk insurance does give me peace of mind in regards to my personal phone, but not really to the extent of being clumsy.

Blackberry insurance was designed as preventative measure, so I decided that I will not show my phone in public too often. So I guess the majority of of the photograph taking would be done in a a lot more “discreet manner” so to speak. The atmosphere of the Philippines and there in Cebu City is actually amazing and just for a quick period, while I was not actually capable to take a taste of those “exotic” special treats, having a number of ımages as memories and memory joggers can fix me so of which the next time I look at a local man try to eat balut, I would certainly be sure that I have an empty tummy to begin with.