Cara Daftar Web Hosting Gratis di Freehostia

Freehostia yang mempunyai layanan web hosting gratis pada paket chocolate, menyediakan Disk Space sebesar 250 MB, monthly traffic 6 GB, bisa menampung 5 domain, 15 sub domain, 50 parked domain. Dan dengan adanya fasilitas 1-click 40+ Scripts Installer. Untuk fitur dari freehostia chocolate dan lainnya bisa anda lihat di artikel sebelumnya yaitu Web Hosting Gratis di Freehostia.

Sekarang mari kita bahas Cara Daftar Web Hosting Gratis di Freehostia ini.

  • Silahkan SignUp dulu di Freehostia dan pilih paket Chocolate.
  • Pilih Pre-installed Script yang anda inginkan. Anda bisa pilih wordpress, joomla, PHPBB, SMF, Drupal, OS Commerce atau lainnya
  • Di bagian Add a Domain Name to Host anda bisa pilih Register new / Transfer untuk melakukan pendaftaran domain baru lewat freehostia ini (bayar), atau pilih Use my existing domain jika sudah mempunyai domain.
  • Bagi yang ingin mendapatkan domain tanpa bayar, anda bisa mendapatkan domain gratis di :
    • Domain Gratis CO.CC
    • Domain Gratis CZ.CC

    Dan jangan lupa rubah NS domain tersebut menjadi

  • Selanjutnya di freehostia kita isi data Owner Account Detail. Gunakan email dari google untuk pendaftaran ini.
  • Isi Verification Code dan klik continue.
  • Kita ikuti saja perintah-perintah dari web hosting gratis freehostia ini sampai aktifasi selesai

Domain yang kita isi pada saat pendaftaran tersebut akan menjadi domain utama kita. Dan Domain tersebut akan terinstall script website yang kita pilih di atas.

Kita dapat menambahkan beberapa domain lagi serta menambah subdomain di hosting kita ini seperti yang sudah kusebutkan di atas.

Jika hosting yang kita daftarkan tersebut telah aktif, kita akan mendapat kiriman email yang isinya :

Dear Arief EW,

Welcome to FreeHostia. We are one of the fastest growing free hosting providers and there is an understandable reason for this. We have one of the fastest servers, a fully featured free hosting plan with no forced ads and low-cost paid hosting plans with great features. You will have the chance to see for yourself that we provide a bullet-proof quality service. We will be very happy if you spread the word by putting a link or a small banner on your site, which points back to FreeHostia (you will find them here: , or simply tell your friends and your web site visitors about us and share your opinion about FreeHostia. This way you will help us achieve our ultimate goal – to provide reliable and fast hosting with amazing 24/7 support to as many people as possible.

This email contains important data about your web hosting account for
Access the Control Panel here:

Client ID: *******
Login: *****
Password: *****
Your website will be accessible here:
Please change the DNS of your domain to the following and allow 24-48 hours for the DNS update:

EMAIL information:
To create emails please login to the Control Panel and click ‘E-mail Manager’.

POP3 server:
SMTP server: If use the FREE hosting plan, than you can’t use our SMTP server. If you use any of the paid plans – the SMTP server is

IMPORTANT – the SMTP server requires login and password. In Outlook select ‘My server requires authentication’. In ¬†other email clients this option has a different name.
FTP information:
FTP Host:
Login: *****
Password: *******
To use the Front Page extensions select ‘Front Page extensions’ from the Control Panel and manage the extensions.

Please take the time to read the beginner’s guide in our support forum if you are using our services for the first time:

If you have any questions please login to the Control Panel and open a ticket from the Help Center. Our 24/7 support will answer you shortly.

Best Regards
Free Hostia Team