Free Hosting cPanel 11, Only Posts in Forum

Hosts Features :

  • cPanel 11 Control Panel
    cPanel 11 to help you manage your hosting account (databases, files, etc.).
    Click here to see the demo.
  • Fantastico DeLuxe
    Fantastico will help you to install, upgrade, and uninstall scripts (forums, blog, CMS, etc.) in seconds!Here’s the list of scripts that you can install via Fantastico De Luxe:

    Blogs Discussion
    Mailing Lists
    b2evolution phpBB2 PHPlist
    Nucleus SMF
    WordPress Project
    E-Commerce dotProject
    CubeCart PHProjekt
    Drupal OS Commerce
    Geeklog Zen Cart Site Builders
    Joomla Pro Edition
    Mambo Open Source F.A.Q. Templates Express
    PHP-Nuke FAQMasterFlex
    phpWCMS Wiki
    phpWebSite Hosting Billing TikiWiki
    Post-Nuke AccountLab Plus PhpWiki
    Siteframe phpCOIN
    TYPO3 Other Scripts
    Xoops Image Galleries Dew-NewPHPLinks
    4Images Gallery Moodle
    Coppermine Photo Gallery Noahs Classifieds
    Crafty Syntax Live Help Gallery Open-Realty
    Help Center Live phpAdsNew
    osTicket Polls and
    PerlDesk Advanced Poll phpFormGenerator
    PHP Support Tickets phpESP WebCalendar
    Support Logic Helpdesk PHPSurveyor
    Support Services Manager
  • Installatron Script Installer
    Similar to Fantastico, Installatron will help you to install, upgrade, and uninstall scripts (forums, blog, CMS, etc.) in seconds!Here’s the list of scripts that you can install via Installatron :

    Blogs • CMSs • Portals

    b2evolution blog
    Pivot blog
    WordPress blog
    Feed On Feeds blog/rss
    Coranto cms
    Drupal cms
    Soholaunch cms
    Code Igniter framework
    Joomla portal
    Mambo portal
    ocPortal portal
    PHP-Nuke portal
    PostNuke portal
    Xoops portal

    Communities • Newsletters

    phpMyChat chat
    PHPlist email lists
    phpBB forum
    Simple Machines Forum forum
    XMB Forum forum
    Advanced Guestbook guestbook
    GBook guestbook
    MediaWiki 1.4 wiki
    MediaWiki 1.6 wiki

    e-Commerce • Business

    Noahs Classifieds adverts
    Openads adverts
    CubeCart 2 e-commerce
    CubeCart 3 e-commerce
    osCommerce e-commerce
    phpCOIN e-commerce
    phpShop e-commerce
    PHProjekt groupware
    Crafty Syntax Live Help support
    Help Center Live 2 support
    SugarCRM support

    Files • Images • Lists

    Aardvark Topsites bookmarks
    SiteBar bookmarks
    phpMyFAQ faqs
    php File Manager files
    Power File Manager files
    Coppermine gallery
    Gallery 1 gallery
    Gallery 2 gallery
    PHPLinks links
    phpMyCounter statistics


    CaLogic Calendar calendar
    Flat Calendar calendar
    iTron Clock clock
    WebCards e-cards
    Contact Form email
    phpFormGenerator forms
    Advanced Poll poll/survey
    LimeSurvey poll/survey
    phpESP poll/survey
    Simple Poll poll/survey
    Site Recommender recommend
    Search Engine Project search
  • RvSkin cPanel Skin
    RvSkin is an awesome, easy to use skin for cPanel with more features than the standard X3 skin.
  • NO Advertisment At ALL
    Does NOT put or require you to put advertisement of any kind on your web site.
  • ALL Languages Allowed
    We do not have any language restriction policy. You are free to use any
    language on your web site.
  • Up to 17 GB of Disk Space
    …and up to 170 GB of monthly bandwidth/data transfer.
  • Host Multiple Websites
    You can use one hosting account to host multiple websites/domains.
  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Reliable, Fast Server with Great Uptime
    Uptime Report
    or Website monitoring
  • Easily upgradable.
  • And, we give all that for FREE!
Hosting Plans

Disk Space 200 MB 1 GB 3 GB 8 GB 12 GB 17 GB
Bandwidth 2 GB 10 GB 30 GB 80 GB 120 GB 170 GB
Advertisement on Your Site
Language Restriction
Requirement to Apply 3 Posts 10 Posts 25 Posts 60 Posts 90 Posts 120 Posts
Monthly Requirement (?) 3 Points 10 Points 25 Points 60 Points 90 Points 120 Points
cPanel 11 Control Panel
Fantastico Script Installer
Installatron Script Installer
RvSkin cPanel Theme
Ruby on Rails
MySQL Databases 2 10 30 80 120 170
FTP Accounts 2 10 30 80 120 170
Subdomains 2 10 30 80 120 170
Parked Domains 2 10 30 80 120 170
Addon Domains 2 10 30 80 120 170
Email Accounts 2 10 30 80 120 170
Mailing Lists 2 10 30 80 120 170
Email Forwarders 2 10 30 80 120 170
Webmail Access
Auto Responders
Email Authentication
PHP Support
PERL Support
RAW Log Access
Webalizer Statistic Software
Webalizer FTP Statistic Software
AwStats Statistic Software
Password Protect Directories
Cron Jobs
Custom Error Pages
.htaccess Support
Modify MX Record


  • Isi posts di forum tersebut dan dapatkan hosting dengan cpanel 11
  • Semakin banyak posts kita di forum, semakin banyak disk space dan bandwidth yang kita dapat.
  • Kita dapat menggunakan domain sendiri ataupun memakai subdomain yang telah diberikan.
  • Bagi yang belum mempunyai domain sendiri secara gratis silahkan daftar di sini
  • Subdomain yang diberikan yaitu :