Opera Mini Mod v.3.10

Opera Mini Mod Version 3.10.11508 (11/06/08) Opera Mini is a web browser designed primarily for mobile phones, but also for smartphones and personal digital assistants. It uses the Java ME platform and consequently requires that the mobile device be capable of running Java ME applications. Opera Mini is offered free of charge, supported through a partnership between its developer, the Opera Software company, and the search engine company Google. Opera Mini was derived from the Opera web browser for personal computers, which has been publicly available since 1996. Opera Mini began as a pilot project in 2005. After limited releases in Europe, it was officially launched worldwide on January 24, 2006. Opera Mini requests web pages through the Opera Software company’s servers, which process and compress them before relaying the pages back to the mobile phone. This compression process makes transfer time about two to three times faster, and the pre-processing smooths compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones. Features Scrolling is achieved with the device’s arrow keys, its number keys, or a stylus. Opera Mini may also be set to landscape mode, where it will rotate the page 90 degrees. This is useful for screens that are significantly taller than they are wide. However, this feature is not yet available on BlackBerries and some other devices. The image quality may be set to “Low”, “Medium”, or “High”. The higher the image quality, the more data is transferred and the longer it will take to load pages. Opera Mini supports only one font, which can be set to “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, or “Extra large” size. If a web page uses Courier or a generic monospace font, the one font is still used, but the characters are spaced out so that each character takes up the same amount of space. Browsing tools Opera Mini features a search bar capable of using several pre-configured search engines, with the user being able to add additional search engines. The default search engine is Google. Additionally, Opera Mini features shortcut keys, skins, and a web feed aggregator. It can save bookmarks, download files, and it remembers the user’s browsing history. Privacy and security When using Opera Mini 4.0 or 3.0 Advanced, the connection between the mobile device and the proxy server is always encrypted for privacy and security. The encryption key is obtained on the first start by requesting that the user press random keys a certain number of times. When using Opera Mini 3.0 Basic, the connection is not encrypted. Opera Mini has received some criticism because it does not offer true, end-to-end security when visiting encrypted sites such as PayPal.com. When visiting an encrypted web page, the Opera Software company’s servers decrypt the page, then re-encrypt it themselves, breaking end-to-end security. Standards support As of version 4, Opera Mini uses the same layout engine that will be included in Opera 9.5, the next version of the desktop edition of Opera.web standardsScalable Vector Graphics or Web Forms 2.0. Also, frames are flattened because of client limitations, and dotted and dashes borders are displayed as solid borders due to bandwidth and memory issues. And because Opera Mini reformats web pages, it does not pass the Acid2 standards compliance test. This means that Opera Mini supports almost all of the supported in Opera 9.5. However, unlike the desktop edition of Opera, Opera Mini includes no support for Opera Mini supports bi-directional text, meaning that it can display text in right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew in addition to left-to-right languages like English, French, and Spanish. Low-memory device support For MIDP 1, low-memory devices, the older Opera Mini 3 Basic is still available. Its features include an option to increase the text size, as the default text size is too small for some web sites. Opera Mini 3 Basic uses less advanced compression, does not support full page view, does not include support for favicons, does not scroll as smoothly, does not feature a built-in clock, and does not support encryption. When browsing an encrypted web page with Opera Mini 3 Basic, the page is actually decrypted before being sent to the mobile phone. Change Log 3.10 (11508) 11/06/08 list of the changes Version 3.10 is based on the official version of hifi of v.3.1.10423 from 29.02.2008 and contains practically all functions of last modification 2.07 ([of].[versiya] of v.2.0.4509 from 04.07.2006). This version has a number 3.1, undertaken from the base program and 0, as to [podversiyu], t [k] it is test and base for the entire (future?) the rule of 3.xx. Tuning, preserved pages, [bekap] from the previous versions do not approach. You follow the correctness of the installation of date and time in the telephone, otherwise, server will refuse to you in the discovery of pages with the communication: “The error of checking the certificate of server. Verify the installations of date on your device.”. [It is added] * 25.05.08 [v] charger the disconnected the checking of the presence of vacant place under the inject rocking file. * 25.05.08 [v] charger, to the field of the introduction of way for the [media]- file is added the button of survey. * 19.05.08 export and the import of layings with [ikonkami], [vnedrennymi] into the body of htm of file. The file of export is obtained one, but with [ikonkami]. * 17.05.08 separately is fixed the value of java-heap for the return to server and the size of buffer for the discovery of files in the editor (traffic \ memory). * 17.05.08 discovery and correcting files in the HEX- regime. Showing of symbols for HEX- given in the codings ISO and WIN. Alternative type of the showing of text files (decrease of the consumption of memory). * 09.05.08 sonic notification in charger and FTP. On each model of presetting they will sound on its! * 04.05.08 after search, the obtained text is separated on the page. Color is added into the color diagram. * 01.05.08 [v] of history [poseshchenye] pages are sorted on the date of last visit. Packing on the date depends on jackdaw to displace contents. In tuning of navigation it is possible to include the retention only of last [poseshchennoy] page for one [khosta]. * 29.04.08 support of reading the pages, [sokhranennykh] by the versions of 2.xx. * 23.04.08 jackdaw to forced devastation of buffer in the charger and FTP during the record to the disk. Compulsorily must be switch oned for Sagem. * 23.04.08 [v] of the menu of windows (panels) is added passage to the previous window (panel). * 22.04.08 is altered upload of files – file is not stored into the tele- pages (but the permissible size of the sent file it did not increase especially). Photographs from the camera, as before are located in the tele-. * 19.04.08 file [menezhder] has two panels with the separate ways. Switching between the panels through the menu of navigation. The number of panel is indicated on the upper border before the indication of way. * 18.04.08 selection of permission for the photograph by camera. * 12.04.08 for the models with the sensory screens into the contextual menu are added commands for emulation of pressure # and *, for the use in the hot, which then can be selected in the floating up window. (18.04.08 it is removed pause into 1,5[sek] during emulation of pressure #* in the contextual menu) * 10.04.08 possibility of retaining the page, on which arose the error with [parsinge], for the transfe
r to me If page does not have menu for the selection of retention, then place the retention of page on the hot. * 10.04.08 [po] #1 and on the discovery of reference in the window, the address of reference is added in the field of the introduction of address. * 7.04.08 http-proxy for the discovery of pages. It works only for the protocol of http. * 7.04.08 C[mena] and the addition of servers Ohm. * In FTP is added the conversion of the names of the files of [v]/[iz] CP-1251, for the servers, who work in this coding. * In FTP the showing of the concealed files on the server depends on jackdaw “concealed files” in the file manager. * During creation or renaming of folder in the layings, with the name, which exists in the current catalog, to the new name is added [the number]. * The prohibition of passage according to the references with the already neglected task of the discovery page in one of the panel of program is included on. It is made so, because the outgoing and entering packets are ciphered with the code, which is changed in the real time.
[change] * 04.06.08 change in determination and installation of the dimensions of the field of introduction and text block. * 03.06.08 passages between the panels and the windows, with the neglected process in FTP. * 26.05.08 additions to the discovery JPG with the large permission. * 24.05.08 tuning of colors in the new performance. * 20.05.08 jackdaw into the Tuning- form: To develop on entire screen, in the previous versions worked as the start of complete screen for duplicating of [softov], now includes and disconnects the [polnoekrannyy] regime of application independently of [funktsiii] of duplicating. It is added in the list of hot. * 15.05.08 numbers of pages with the survey of text displace. * 14.05.08 width of the active region of the wear and tear of commands on the lower border of [uvelichina] (for the sensory screens) but only with the shown lower border. * 14.05.08 button of the survey of file for the indication of way or file, are fastened to the right of the field of introduction. * 13.05.08 some reference- commands in the system windows are substituted to the buttons. * 13.05.08 search in the editor of files also illuminates the obtained words. * 08.05.08 jackdaw for the isolation of the obtained text in the entire current panel. * 05.05.08 [Izmenen] the method of adding the hot, now old installations must not be dropped, if in the hot there was only addition. * 05.05.08 [v] hot are added left and right [softy]. Assigned hot to these functions should be without the preliminary [*] and [#], otherwise work will not be. * 05.05.08 with the import of color diagrams from the previous versions shows communication. * 05.05.08 isolation of the desired text was on all pages in the current panel. * 02.05.08 expansion of maximum cache and history. * 01.05.08 separate fields of sorting for the file and FTP – managers. * 30.04.08 determinant of the codes of the keys for mkey is accessible through the Menu-Information- hot buttons -mkey. * 23.04.08 smooth warming up is smoother. * 21.04.08 with the removal of entire history is selected the possibility of removal and list previously the [vvedennykh] addresses. * 18.04.08 smooth warming up with the shift of cursor downward. * 13.04.08 (recovery) color diagrams. * 13.04.08 (recovery) the showing of the return of data into the network. * 5.04.08 is altered the checking of time out in charger and FTP. * 5.04.08 is altered the retention of layings, history, prospectors, templates, [vvedennykh] addresses, by analogy with the version of 2.xx. MAKE EXPORT! * Are altered hot. Now installation occurs not on the previously [razreshennoy] button, but according to the function, by which the desired combination of buttons is appropriated. o Hot can be dual, with the first button [#] or [*]. o Hot [*] has the larger priority above the laying with the same combination. * Code of authorization [neeksportiruem] for purposes of safety. For the displacement between the versions use the leaf of paper, which you will then eat, or templates. * The code of authorization and the code of the coding of data for the exchange with the server is exported with the export of tuning. Do not give out your [bekapy] and do not use strangers. * [Apload] of files only on “the present” the, i.e., not modified version. [Apload] itself limited – to the page comes file with the name “of photo.jpg” or “photo.png”: MIME of type – jpeg, if are actually sent image of jpeg or others data, MIME of type – png, if is sent away image to png. There are no limitations to the type of the unloaded file. [NEperezagruzka] of pages in the histories, which are removed from cache on silence it is included on. * [correction] * 08.06.08 correcting of the discovery melodies from file RMS. * 08.06.08 working of switching the size of screen and panel of file did not conclude where must. * 08.06.08 to the charger trifle. * 08.06.08 during correcting or adding the laying, did not show [ikonka] of page in the field of introduction. * 08.06.08 logotype into [info] about the program was sketched with the fixed sizes (urgently for the designer). * 04.06.08 with the off module of [multimedia] did not work charger. * 03.06.08 with the off color diagrams did not show [splesh] with the starting. * 03.06.08 correcting of determining the dimension of file for file RMS (it did not work [apload] with the old method). * 27.05.08 sometimes was not restored the concealed load. * 27.05.08 prohibition of working the pressure of the keys or [stilusa] during tracing of animation. * 27.05.08 copying of the field of the showing of color in tuning of color diagrams. * 26.05.08 with the showing of the list of the established hot * is removed the same combination for the layings. * 25.05.08 selection of element in the list on the system page, shut this page itself (only alternative cache). * 24.05.08 test from the hovering on SEK750. * 24.05.08 after the import of color diagram it immediately adapted, and on to preserve was dropped to current that edited. * 24.05.08 was dropped position on the page after output from the list (alternative cache). * 24.05.08 after the test of network, on OK, passed to home page, now it returns to tuning of network. * 23.05.08 showing of the time of a change in the files was without taking into account correction in the tuning form. * 23.05.08 [v] the window of the change of color screen should not have been expanded. * 22.05.08 with the survey of text in the coding UTF, did not pass further 2[y] of page. * 22.05.08-23.05.08 [v] tuning by FTP did not replace the reference of the survey of local catalog to the button. * 22.05.08 error during unloading of image from the camera. * 22.05.08 [v] of history strip- limiter to the left it [otrisovyvalas] only for the first 10 expanded blocks. * 21.05.08 did not work the switching on of fictitious (RMS) file system for cache on the disk with the presence of access to “normal” file system. * 20.05.08 on the emulator Of esmertec of jbed, during redefining of hot to the literal keys, always showed name as UP. * 20.05.08 [v] the list 20.05.08 [v] the list hot (Menu-Option- information -[Gor].[knopki]). * 20.05.08 correcting of testing in tuning of network. * 16.05.08 correcting of the sending of sms. * 16.05.08 correcting of the test of connection. * 14.05.08 with the discovery of reference from the history into the new (background) window, page was not opened. * 14.05.08 during closing of the panel, in which [idet] the working or the load of page, other panels, the [ozhidayushchiyushchie] ends of this, did not move in the turn. * 11.05.08 on the small screens (132*176) did not always show date in the history on the convoluted blocks. * 11.05.08 SK65 and the turning of [klavy]. 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