Vidalia Bundles – Includes Tor software and Privoxy

While there are many different public open proxies on the Internet today, the Tor onion router network is specifically about providing users with a degree of privacy and anonymity. The Tor project claims that hundreds of thousand of people use the Tor network to provide privacy. Though Tor is popular, by itself it’s not quite as easy to take advantage of as it could be and that’s where Vidalia comes in.

Vidalia is a packaged application that includes Tor, the Privoxy local proxy as well as the Vidalia GUI for managing the Tor experience. With the one Vidalia download, you end up with a local Privoxy proxy loaded on your local PC with an instance of Tor to connect through for privacy.

Displays Status of the Tor software

Vidalia runs in your system’s notification area, changing its icon to indicate the status of the Tor software. You will know at a glance if the Tor software is working or not without taking up a lot of screen real estate.

View Log Messages

The message log displays informational messages that Vidalia gets from the Tor software. You can select which types of messages you’d like to see, have them automatically logged to a file, or search through your message log for specific messages.

Map of the Tor Network

Vidalia shows you a map of the Tor network, plotting points for each relay and drawing the path of your circuits through the network. You can also view details about relays, including their bandwidth and uptime, as well as monitor the status of your application connections through the Tor network.

Monitor Bandwidth Usage

The bandwidth graph lets you keep an eye on how much data you’re sending and receiving through the Tor network.

Configure Tor

The configuration dialog allows you to configure aspects and behaviors of both Vidalia and the Tor software.

The Tor network is made up of volunteers all over the world who care about Internet privacy. Vidalia helps you contribute to the Tor network by making it easy to set up and configure a relay.

Get Help

The Help dialog allows you to find help documentation about Vidalia.

Support for Translations

We currently have translations for Vidalia in several languages, but we need your help translating Vidalia into more languages and keeping our current translations up to date! We also need help translating our help content. Check out our instructions for translators if you want to help!

Stable Bundles
Includes the Tor software (sig) and Privoxy 3.0.6 (sig)
Windows 0.1.10 (sig) Windows Installation Instructions
Mac OS X (Tiger & Leopard) 0.1.9 (sig) OS X Installation Instructions
Mac OS X (Panther) 0.1.9 (sig) OS X Installation Instructions