YahElite – Yahoo Messenger Alternatif

YahELite is a full featured Yahoo chat client that loads quickly, runs fast and is considerate of your computers resources.

Because YahELite uses the minimal amount of DLLs, you get much less lag and smoother scrolling. YahELite uses very little RAM to run, and minimal system resources, typically less than 2 MB of RAM.
Other chat clients based on Visual Basic, Java or HTML need more than 12 MegaBytes just to start.

YahELite makes no changes to your registry and installs no DLLs.

YahElite is a system friendly chat client for use with Yahoo Chat Services. You can use it with, or instead of Yahoo Messenger™ as long as you don’t login with the same account name in both. YahELite’s Improved spam protection offers filters by name, text, wildcard ignores and ‘bot’ behavior. Boot resistance and resume session give you more control than ever before.

Download FULL YahELite (recommended) Includes the install/uninstall.


Dengan banyaknya comment tentang sulitnya menggunakan Yahoo Messenger di Internet Gratis XL (penyettingan proxy), maka YahELite merupakan alternatif pengganti Yahoo Messenger.

Install & Setting Proxy

Mulai Chatting…