QEEP: FREE mobile messenger and community


Qeep is a mobile social networkthat connects you with old friends and lets you meet new ones — anytime, anywhere, and all through your mobile phone!

Surf profiles of other Qeepers to find out who lives in your town, who likes your kind of music, and who’s looking to meet someone like you.

You can invite Qeepers to join your Buddy List, or if you want to start things a little slower, “nudge” them or send them a QMS.

QMS is a unique kind of text message specially designed for qeep to give you unlimited text messaging and costs a lot less than an SMS. With cheap data rates, a QMS costs as little as 0.1 cents. That’s 100 text messages for 10 cents!

And although QMS is new and a lot cheaper, it’s just as easy to use as expensive, old-fashioned text messages.

With qeep, you can:
  • Send QMS and save the money spent on SMS text messages!
  • Send cool sound attacks!
  • Meet new people!
  • Play games online!

About Qeep

Based in Cologne, Germany, we are a young and enthusiastic team who seeks to carry the social networking of the internet url over to your mobile phone. Qeep is a product of BLUE LION mobile GmbH, a company that takes pride in qeep’s continued development. Your qeep team works every day to provide something truly unqiue for your mobile phone. We aim to produce something both practical and fun. And so long as users enjoy qeep as much as we do, we’ll keep qeeping.

Free Joint : http://www.qeep.net/index.php?id=63&no_cache=1&L=1

PC version : http://qeep.mobi/xmps/home.do

Download Mobile Version ( java phone ) – offline