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Sality Virus Terkenal di Indonesia

Sality Virus Terkenal di Indonesia, Clean,  Remove & Repair Virus Sality Setelah beberapa kali kubahas Conficker / downadup / kido yang merupakan jenis worm yang paling banyak kita temui di Indonesia. Virus Sality ini yamg diperkirakan dari Taiwan / Cina banyak kita temui di sini dengan perkembangan varian yang terus berganti. Nama lain virus :… Read More »

Remove Virus Downadup.C , Conficker , Kido

Seperti yang kubahas di Microsoft vs Virus Downadup, Conficker, Kido tentang saling serang antara virus worm downadup, conficker, kido dengan Microsoft dengan beberapa perusahaan antivirus dan security. Dan Varian Virus Downadup.C , Conficker , Kido tentang munculnya varian baru virus downadup, conficker, kido yang ditemukan oleh beberapa perusahaan antivirus terkemuka. Maka disini akan kami bahas,… Read More »

HP Waste Ink Tank Reset

The newer Hewlett Packard printers have included in the software that comeswith their printers, a “toolbox” that includes a section called EstimatedInk Level. Its a great tool that allows you to keep track of how much ink isleft in your cartridges so you don’t start a big print job and get strandedout of ink in… Read More »

Opera Mini Mod v.3.11

Opera 3.11 new feature added: copy, paste and templates to create a folder / file, as well as the use of the selected folders or selected files as a template a name for the file or folder, respectively. Hold boot. Setting the date and time when you need to start the download. It works both… Read More »