Google Search Results Redirected? It is a Virus!

You are doing a quick Google search and suddenly, your browser shows you a suspicious random page full of affiliate links and dubious sites. Then pop-ups start appearing on your screen and when you close them, more pop-up ads reappear.

Google search results redirected to malicious random sites could be a symptom of Google Redirect Virus. The virus is a search result hijacker which you may have unintentionally installed by downloading a piece of peer-to-peer software. You must get rid of this spyware immediately because it can cause a lot of trouble.

Google Search Results Redirected to Malicious Sites: What You Need to Do

The first thing you need to do is to quickly disconnect your computer from the Internet. This will stop the malicious software from communicating with its server. Disconnecting your computer from the Internet will not delete Google Redirect Virus. It is not a solution but you may regain some of the system’s resources allowing you to perform a quick diagnostic.

Your computer’s anti virus programs may not be able to delete Google Redirect Virus. This is the reason why most tech experts are also having a hard time fixing the problem. And if you are not a computer geek, you must not attempt to remove Google Redirect Virus manually because this could damage your machine.

Your best option is to get reliable information on how to remove this search results hijacking automatically using a trusted spyware and malware remover. Instances of Google search results redirected to random dubious pages are serious problems. You have to follow the lead of other computer experts who are trying to remove Google Redirect Virus automatically.

Advanced Steps for Removing the Virus

You can find reliable anti malware programs from trusted vendors of security programs. You should reestablish your Internet connection and visit a trusted security site by typing its URL in the address bar of your browser.

Some Internet security providers can offer an online spyware or malware scan of your system. Make a quick scan to catch the Google Redirect Virus that has been causing big troubles for you. After detecting the infection, you have to immediately use an anti malware remover to completely eliminate the virus.

If this is the first time that you experienced such problems, it is always best to get more information about the virus and effective ways to remove it from your computer. Visit forums, security blogs and websites today to read valuable troubleshooting information. Understanding the nature of the virus can help you in finding the best solutions.

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